Vancouver Island Race Series GPS Routes

I’ve always thought that this stuff should be easily located on the web. And maybe it’s out there, but hard to find? Regardless, I’ll put another page out there for Google to crawl over and to help people find out what the race routes of the 2013 Vancouver Island Race Series were/are. These are races I’ve done and recorded with my phone’s GPS. They seem fairly accurate given the race distance plus a little bit of distance between the finish cross and my panting to subside enough for me to play with my phone. The routes are in kml format so if you click on a link, your computer should open up google earth and display these. If you don’t have Google Earth and want to view these do the following:

1) Right click on a link and copy the URL for the link (not sure what the Mac equivalent of right click is offhand);
2) Go to Google Maps at
3) Paste the URL into the search bar of Google Maps (not the address bar at the top of your browser).
4) hit return and you should see the route overlaid on top of the normal google maps.

Google Earth gives you the option to look at elevation profles, speed and other things so is the better way to go.

Anyhow, without further adieu and in chronological order (this list will be updated in coming weeks when I complete the remaining four races):

Harriers Pioneer 8k Race

CeeVacs Cobble Hill 10k Race

Bastion Cedar 12k Race

Fronrunners Hatley Castle 8k Race

Synergy Bazan Bay 5k Race

Comox Valley RV Half Marathon

River Runners of Campbell River Merville 15k Race

Sooke River 10k Race

And some other routes of interest:

Victoria GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon

Gunner Shaw 10k Race

Mt. Finlayson Loop

Ten Mile Point/Queenswood 9k

San Juan Island Half Marathon