When I think of Canada…

I think of May grit in streets with smorg sandwich boards on sidewalks.

photo taken without permission from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/peterkelly1/ if it’s your photo, please contact me!

photo taken without permission from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrissyshome/ if it’s your photo, please contact me!

An Anatomy of the Heart

I woke in the last
dark hour,
climbed over you and
turned to bend down
and kiss your cheek one last
time goodbye.


you smiled and moaned back a
goodbye as I slipped out
with my duffel to drive north
while nimbostratus slid over the sky
sealing it shut like pine tongue moving
down a dado groove
leaving only wetness and rain.


I returned to an echoing,
cold house with thousands
of words looking up from the page
and people staring back at the
burned look and pallor
of the disquiet


I hitched forward
to my completion
as the world halted
and the last drops of water
fell on the wheel
ceasing the perpetual grind
leaving hulls and germ
trapped between massive weights


There are only four minutes
for paddles to be retrieved
and anxious looks exchanged
and capacitors to fill.
Bystanders watch, listening to the
high whine then shriek of the
ready buzzer as hands
are lowered to chest
to deliver the great shock
of life.