Corner Strung

Somehow your thinning lines
respanning wall to ceiling
have taken us from mournful
Canada to distant Robin
warble; have caught me
just above deepest abyss.
I crack a window
to feed you shrinking away
from my breath. a cool breeze,
steam flutter through
your decagonal orb
I can’t believe you’ve held
on this long with
brood now stirring aside
as you set out to repair,
once again, your corner, strung.

Squamish 50mile

Things that went well

  • Never stopped never stopping (except when i  had to stop).
  • Managed nausea better than ever
  • Strong pace at finish
  • Did my “job” at aid stations without taking too long.
  • Managed heat fairly well.
  • Kept a smile on my face for much of it.
  • foods: stroopwaffels, watermelon, low caffeine gels, non-caffeinated shot blocks, salted potatoes, 50% coke/water (swedish fish and gu brew would have worked too),

Things that went not-so-well

  • Nausea early
  • Too much caffeine early
  • Mornings always get me
  • Tried to “race” too soon. Or, tried to “race” at all.
  • Should have drank more water even when stomach was unhappy as it never made things worse.
  • Never actually had to stop…
  • Kinda lost track of my eating/didn’t care at the end. Pack was full of excess gu/gel and other wreckage adding up to a couple of lbs.
  • Left nutrition to the aid stations. Never again unless I know they have what I like.
  • Foods that didn’t work: honey stinger anything, lemon anything, wild berries, anything tart, caffeinated shot blocks, Ultima electrolyte drink or anything else with stevia (WTF???; calories are needed, why serve a calorie free drink at an ultra event?).