Rank: Novice

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I started this blog some time ago. Swept up in the newness of the technology to me and the form filling that comes with opening up a new account of any kind. So, I blurted out some text for the “About” section and that was that.

Well, it’s been more than five years since then. And in those five years I can look back and see that what this blog is actually about and what it was prophesied to be about are not the same. Close, but no cigar. In the end, there wasn’t anything about surfing, or not a lot. A few posts about trips and a couple of surf and ocean related rants. This blog isn’t mostly pictures with short bits of writing. It’s writing with short bits of pictures. I haven’t talked a lot about bread baking having found that baking was integral to my life and then faded in recent years with perhaps a new life coming on. When I do bake, I bake bread, and that bread is risen with a natural leaven, so that was accurate. Rank: Novice is still the central theme and the central theme to my life. I wound up putting a lot of poetry on this site which can be found mostly under the poetry category. I started trail running, and so there have been a few posts about running and running races and reports about those races.

So here we are. In the oven in my kitchen right now are two loaves of whole wheat bread whose smell is drifting into my office. I’m about to head out for an all day run of the Kludahk Trail on southern Vancouver Island. I’m unsure of my life and my direction. And here is an unfocussed blog reflecting the unfocussed life I lead. Full of things but seemingly not a coherent whole. I’m probably not the only one. And maybe it’s more whole than I or anyone else can really tell.

sum-mer-bler it goes as fast as it comes

— Here’s the old “About” —

This will mostly be pictures with short bits of writing.  It will probably have a lot to do with surfing, baking naturally leavened breads, and time in the mountains or on bodies of water.  The title, Rank: Novice, was going to be the title of the often dreamed of, but never compiled book of poetry.  Maybe it will get posted here?  But my rank as novice refers to my humble state in this world, that so often one is reminded that the world is full of surprises and any of us are lucky to learn only a small fraction of its workings not to mention those of the people that inhabit it. The posts that make it on here will have to do with the small steps that I make toward advancing rank although novice is about as far as I imagine I’ll get.  But, the learning is fulfilling. So, onward.

2 thoughts on “Rank: Novice

    • Hi Janey,

      Thank you for the compliment. Yeah, that would be fine and I would be interested to see your blog if you get around to posting a link to it. How did you find mine?


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