Time to move

Unbind the wires

dislodge from the internet


kill devices

the 3 hour commute

the hours wasted at work

browsing the internet for technology

the hours wasted at home doing the same

connecting disconnecting

burying deeper in my own mind

the 11:30 PM runs because I let it get too late

then fail to talk to my partner

So easy to say this. To put it in words on the same internet that’s slowly taking my life away

But. Move. Just move. As easily as possible, just do it

quit job

live close

work. Any work on my feet talking to people

Expressing my love for this world

instead of my hate for this office or any office

the 19 year long pattern of staying up late

and sinking away from my woes by staring into a computer screen

It’s torn my life apart insidiously for way way too long

my one life

my one life that is now half over

no more years to pass with highlights only of missed opportunity