a brown paper packet on a trail
leading home.
Marked with barely legible
faded pencil
describing Columbine;
memory describing a future;
palm, green leaves,
a graceful arcing stem
a flourish of tender petal
quiet and admirable
in a din of brushy growth.

if planted.

if warmth and water and soil
are allowed to exercise the potential
of genetic transcription —
the dormant strands of DNA
wrapped in spiral —
lover’s legs sweat-clasped
in sheets —
stomata sighing in sunlight
the floral head nodding

but, just lean a bit more forward
drive a little harder
with the legs
push the packet deep into
a pocket recess
quell the vital memory
rebuild the bridge
the barrier
the small common lie
and add to the catalogue
of conscious, natural
in lieu of the
simple truth of seeds
found on a path
and a heart
rattling a ribcage
for escape

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