Kusam Klimb

A photo journey of the 10th annual Kusam Klimb. I ran this race as Liz’s pacer feeding her gels and maybe slowing her down by taking photos (maybe that was a good thing?). The race is 5000′ of climbing in 22 kms with the first 7km covering all of the elevation (much in just 4 kms). It’s a feel-good, very challenging local event that has the ear of trail runners all over BC. The race is also a “hike” for many who complete the route by walking and taking their time with a goal of just finishing. Liz and I fell near the front of the middle with a time of 4:26:00 and a lot of good memories and having met some great people along the way. Later in the day we found the community centre hot tub and indulged. Best $4 ever spent.

Up the wet streets of Sayward

Into the forest and up the wee hill…

Past the first aid/refreshments cabin ~300 m elevation

Up a rocky scramble. ~500 m elevation

The view from Grouse Rock. Yes, there was a grouse there not just grousing humans. ~800 m. Half way!

View down toward Sayward.

Into the foggy hemlock forest. Near 1000 m elevation.

Another rocky scramble. 1100 m?

Top of the pass above the lake. False summit! 1300 m

By the little cirque lake. 1250 m.

Liz by the lake.

Down the other side looking back up at Mt. H’Kusam. 850 m

Liz about to get Lei’ed near the end. 200 m


The lei’ers

The record “book”

Liz and Brianna

Awards and feast time.

H’Kusam from below.

The Google view of the route.

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