A Summer Off

Just one idea:

Head south in April or May. (This is all about running)(This is all about exploring)(This is not about fastest known times)(This is about seeing a lot and challenging myself in the mountains of the west)

Again, head south in April. Run rim to rim to rim in the grand canyon. Go to Canyonlands and run the white rim trail/road. Head to southern Cali and run long trails in the deserts there. Joshua tree, anza borrego, the hills of San Diego. Surf a little, rest. Maybe find a temp job some place and earn some money while the mountains free themselves of their winter jacket. Live out of the van. As the snow melts, chase it up into the mountains. Run in the Sierra, Run in the Rockies. Run the courses of famous 100 milers in a few days. Volunteer at ultras to soak up good running vibes and get inspired by ultra fit people running 50 miles in 7 hours. By July or August enter a race and see how it goes.

I might break, sprain something, wobble. Fall apart. Hate the loneliness. But all that quiet might do some good. No technology. Maybe a simple cell phone. Cooking good food in the van. Sleeping 8 hours a night. Reading books. Leaving some worries behind. Kind of a reset. Might do the trick. Might drive me to madness. Might be a good idea.