Birthday Equipment

On a typical year for the last 8 years or so my birthday day would be spent with a basic list of items like this:

  • wetsuit
  • surfboard
  • leash
  • wax
  • beer for later
  • +- friends

And that would be about it. Somehow I’d find the ocean and I would surf in it.

Last year, my birthday day was actually pretty shitty even though the days after were really nice. My birthday last year came a couple of weeks after my dad’s cancer diagnosis, I was at the beginning of a depression that I’m still in, my neck was going nuts so I was on muscle relaxers, and insomnia had me taking benedryl like it was going out of style. Benedryl plus muscle relaxers are a potent combo and by 3PM I was asleep at my desk at work. I went home and crawled into bed and slept until about 9PM. Woke up in a daze and went to a BBQ where no one knew it was my birthday. Blah.

This year is looking better. I already had a good time in the mountains with Liz. And I’ve got a very special day planned for tomorrow. The list for tomorrow looks like this:

  • hydration pack with 1.5L of water
  • 10 gels
  • 3 cliff bars, dried mangos, dates
  • sour candies
  • basic first aide with tape, adhesive dressing, sterile pads, latex gloves, knife, lighter, benedryl
  • headlamp
  • maps
  • GPS Watch
  • light shell
  • nuun electrolyte tabs
  • cell phone
  • pristine water treatment stuff

The plan is to leave Victoria at 5:30 and run the Kludahk trail plus the access roads. the trail is a 32 km route overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca from the alpine. It’s surrounded by blueberries, some old growth and a lot of clear cutting. There are cabins (in case of emergency) and boardwalks and stuff. If it all works out I will have run a number of miles equal to my new age. In kilometers that’s around 57. Yahoo. Much better than being stoned out and depressed in bed all day. better than surfing? jury is still out.

A trip report will follow.



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