Bike to Work Year

I despise the idea of the official Bike To Work Week. Making biking a novelty instead of functional. All the crappy schwag from the various vendors that participate. I’m sure the net impact on the planet is greater than if there were no event. I bike almost as often as possible. Something like 50% of work days judging by the below stats with the odd wimp out or too tiredness or too lateness. If I don’t bike I try to take the bus which is awkward in Victoria. But I try, rain or shine, to hop on my bike and get to work. It’s exercise. It feels good every time. It’s relaxing. Last July I bought a smartphone that’s water proof and has a bike mount. I use that to track each bike ride I go on no matter how short. From this, my bike commuting summary since I started GPS tracking my commuting is posted below. My total cycling days is roughly the total number of workouts divided by two. The most important number is at the bottom:

Total workouts: 232

Total duration: 3d:09h:28m

Total distance: 1573.89 km

Average speed: 19.32 km/h

Average pace: 3m:06s

Calories burned: 51121 kcal

Burgers burned: 94

CO2 saved: 258 kg

Total gas saved: 112.42 Liters

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