Secret Recipe

I’m actually not sure what the recipe was but somehow

1 plate of beans/rice/eggs
2 cups of coffe with cream
1 cliff bar
1 yumm bowl with veggies and rice
4 hours of real work
3 hours of fucking around
plus Sitting in my chair almost all day

added up to the most euphoric run I’ve had in a long time. 22 km in under two hours over hills and dales and not feeling like I was pushing it at all. Damn, so sweet. Many of those kilometers were totally smooth and joyful: full runners high for the mid/latter 2/3 of the run. Maybe it was the water? Maybe it was all the hill climbing in Squamish, maybe it was the fact that I ate two gels along the way (probably)… Who knows? I started out thinking that I would just run maybe 12 k. But I was feeling good and had a couple of gels onboard and the idea of running a sneaky midweek half started to sound good. It was also one of those evenings where the air was just the right temperature to run without a shirt without being cold or too hot. Running felt light and easy. Last time I ran that far I felt like shit after 12 km and just slogggged through the rest of the run. I’ll take it!

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