Today 3 boxes arrived at my doorstep just as I was leaving. late to work as always. They’ve been 8 years coming. They will take months to be useful.

Bike to Work Year

I despise the idea of the official Bike To Work Week. Making biking a novelty instead of functional. All the crappy schwag from the various vendors that participate. I’m sure the net impact on the planet is greater than if there were no event. I bike almost as often as possible. Something like 50% of work days judging by the below stats with the odd wimp out or too tiredness or too lateness. If I don’t bike I try to take the bus which is awkward in Victoria. But I try, rain or shine, to hop on my bike and get to work. It’s exercise. It feels good every time. It’s relaxing. Last July I bought a smartphone that’s water proof and has a bike mount. I use that to track each bike ride I go on no matter how short. From this, my bike commuting summary since I started GPS tracking my commuting is posted below. My total cycling days is roughly the total number of workouts divided by two. The most important number is at the bottom:

Total workouts: 232

Total duration: 3d:09h:28m

Total distance: 1573.89 km

Average speed: 19.32 km/h

Average pace: 3m:06s

Calories burned: 51121 kcal

Burgers burned: 94

CO2 saved: 258 kg

Total gas saved: 112.42 Liters


You aren’t trapped
Despite the bars
In fact they are wide enough
To slip an arm through
Feel cool turbulence
Then a leg to
Reach down to sand
And like a coin
Into the slot
Of a pachinko machine
The rest of you, sideways
Head last the tightest
Fit. If only you can get
Your mind to relax
And slip away.

Secret Recipe

I’m actually not sure what the recipe was but somehow

1 plate of beans/rice/eggs
2 cups of coffe with cream
1 cliff bar
1 yumm bowl with veggies and rice
4 hours of real work
3 hours of fucking around
plus Sitting in my chair almost all day

added up to the most euphoric run I’ve had in a long time. 22 km in under two hours over hills and dales and not feeling like I was pushing it at all. Damn, so sweet. Many of those kilometers were totally smooth and joyful: full runners high for the mid/latter 2/3 of the run. Maybe it was the water? Maybe it was all the hill climbing in Squamish, maybe it was the fact that I ate two gels along the way (probably)… Who knows? I started out thinking that I would just run maybe 12 k. But I was feeling good and had a couple of gels onboard and the idea of running a sneaky midweek half started to sound good. It was also one of those evenings where the air was just the right temperature to run without a shirt without being cold or too hot. Running felt light and easy. Last time I ran that far I felt like shit after 12 km and just slogggged through the rest of the run. I’ll take it!


Chiefly Panoramic

A Canada Day in a new place that will become more familiar to me over the next 9 or 10 months or so. Along with the ferries, the weather, the drives, the raising and lowering of the snow line, the wetting and drying of trails. A bit far away, but there’s a lot of good to draw me there.