Lamb to slaughter

Today I booked all the ferries and travel to Winthrop. I took my van in for repairs and will fill it with propane. I even bought medical insurance to cover me while I’m in the USA. The plan has been made and with 99.99% certainty I’ll be at the race on Sunday. But, something tells me that by this time on Sunday I’m going to be in a world of pain and either have just finished the 50k or be struggling some place along the trail wishing someone would cut off my legs. I can say that I’m looking forward to that moment with full honesty. Bring it!

And once the pain is gone there will be beer, pizza, and good live music and dancing and everything else that makes ranshadow running races great. Stoked to have this be my first. Stoked to have this be my first race longer than a half marathon (right now I’m stoked). Stoked to be with awesome folks. Yee haw.

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