Am I trained enough? Have I trained enough? Can I run 30 miles in one fell swoop (with a bit of walking and maybe some slouching and vomiting)? Can those 20 – 25 miles a week add up to that kind of race? What will it feel like to cross over the 23 mile known into the unknown beyond while climbing another 2000ft? I think I’ve got this. the miles run don’t add up, my nutrition is in the pits with lots of bacon and choleterol and salt.

finlayson camas

But the days spent hauling loads up glaciers for field work, solo backpacks with a week and a half worth of gear for 15 miles, sitting on an overturned bucket, in the snow for two hours just waiting with my own mind, the time spent grinding out theses, time by my mom’s expiring side all add to something. Yeah, I think there’s 30 miles in there. I think there might be a lot more after that but not knowing is fun. It’s reeling me into this race like a fish on a line who’s kind of curious to know what’s in the boat. Maybe a bad idea, but a whole other world once caught. How could I not be curious about that?

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