so glad I found running

so many six digit numbers to focus on
so many friends and jobs and contacts
to ignore
all the complexities of life
boiled down to those six and those two
life should be like that
simplicity and cleanliness
no worries about unpredictability
surprise when
you score 10 more race series points
than you thought you would
that’s life right?
those ten points.

Ignoring everything else
pulling away from everything
time with friends
time in love
all that hard stuff.

thanks running
I’m forever indebted

Comox Half Marathon

The racing continues. This time the Comox half marathon (there was a 5k in there a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t write about). I reset my personal best (only been racing for 3/4 of a year, so I’m still gaining quickly.) to 1:37:22. Not ultra fast by any stretch but I was prepared to struggle to hit 1:40. So, I was stoked to run a very fast second half of the race, keep my weird hip at bay, and battle the oatmeal that I ate too soon before the race which had me starting off with legs full of lead. No warm up either.

The course was an out and back starting in downtown Courtenay. It immediately left town and put us into the rural roads N and W of the city. It rolled along the river for a while before climbing a hundred some meters up toward the hills. It was uphill almost the whole way out and therefore downhill the way back. Thus, I clicked some fast kilometers on the way home and managed to chase down the guy I knew I had to beat to place in the race. I finally caught him on a lonely stretch about 4 km from the end. We congratulated each other on a good race and I was on my way. It was blustery, rainy and cold on the way home with a head wind and a long rolling road keeping the constant mental battle going in my head. I still haven’t found the quiet place to put my mind in these races but at least keep it from making me stop. The push to the end and the cheering crowd was great. I had been eying my watch to see if I could beat 1:40. At the 1/2 I was a bit slow but as each kilometer passed, and each split was closer to 4:30 I knew I could do it. So when my first glance at the race clock showed 1:36:59 tick over to 1:37:00 I knew I had something. 22 seconds later I had my time as my legs froze into painful cramps. Argh.

Wound up with an 8th place finish in my age category (out of 20 people). These races are fun because you get ribbons for the top ten. The web is being weird, I’ll put pictures up when things are working more smoothly.

Fiona also had a great race. She’s got a longer racing career behind her, but still almost beat her personal best and was out by only 20 seconds or so. She placed 4th in her age group and is set to take a medal in the overall for her age category. Sweet.


for two nights now, Germany has called through quaint and clean town centers and ultra modern ski resorts. I don’t know what this means. Maybe it’s time to get in the Eurovan and get lost some place.

I’ve known the Varied Thrush’s call
for thirteen years
and have expected spring to come
for more years than that
where has that certainty got me?
Looking for a comfortable fold
to latch onto
hasn’t made me happier or
more comfortable
spring rains still drive worms
out of the soil
for all that time.