Race 2 — Cobble Hill 10 k

Last Sunday was the Cobble Hill 10k. My first race at that distance and I had already decided that I would run it at the same pace as my 8k and see what happened. The course is flat-ish with some subtle long hills that you don’t realize you are climbing until later when you run back down and feel like a hero. I battled a few people the whole time and near the end decided that one of the racers I was running with might be in my age category. So, right at the end I burned him on the sprint across the finish. It turns out that that burst put me into the top 10 which gets you a ribbon at these things. Somehow the normal fast field of runners wasn’t there so, what would have been a finish closer to 15th or 20th landed me on the “podium”. I’ll take it any way I can get it. The 35-39 category is fast! Anyhow, I’m loving racing right now. It feels really good and seems like something that I’m suited to somehow. We’ll see where it goes.

on the ten spot

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