Simple Recipe

Put some boards on the car/van/whatever:

Drive over, through, around the mountains and camp by a river

Small canyon on the west side of Sutton

Fill up some growlers with the local brew made by friends of a friend at Tofino Brewing. Take some food and the beer to the beach and shred your brains out. 1 feet, 3 feet, 7 feet. All fun.

Check out some lanterns

And camp out. The rain starts with lightning and thunder and then pours two inches overnight. Then leave your broken down car in Tofino and ride back home with your friends

Maybe eat some espresso beans and ice cream along the way. It’s a simple recipe that probably wont make you rich or famous. It will probably give you skin cancer and may make you wrinkled. It might make you look better with bronze skin and surfy muscles. I recommend it as often as possible.