Blowing It

We are blowing it people. This year we are looking to break the record for the least amount of sea ice ever recorded. Granted, the record is only a bit longer than 30 years long, but it’s been in a steady state of decline the whole time. There’s also evidence that sea ice has been around for thousands of years. The steady downward trend took a radical jump downward in 2007 which caught a lot of scientists by surprise. And now, it’s looking to take a new jump down unless there is almost no melting over the next month up there, which is unlikely. So, by September it will probably be official that we have a new record low amount of sea ice in the Arctic. And the warming that we are seeing now is minuscule compared to what is to come in the next 50 to 100 years. Shit.

Courtesy the National Snow and Ice Data Center

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