Sometimes the bright sunshine, a little gleam, can help to keep you from looking too deeply when you shouldn’t or when it’s not time yet.

Gleaming, post shower play in Boat Pass between Saturna and Samuel Islands.

Looking out Lyall Harbour in the little community on Saturna. That Island is and feels like “the end of the road” in many of the best ways.

Things to do

I’d sent this to my girlfriend a while ago to explain some of the things that I wanted to get up to in the near future. Or, at least, some time in the future. I don’t want to call this a “bucket list” because I don’t like the idea of having a checklist and just numbly moving through the items on it. I prefer a framework for life oriented around getting to do fun things outside.

Regardless, here’s a partial list of trips I want to take/do.

Major trips
–long long bike trip with surfboard down the Pacific Coast of the Americas. From BC to?
–Something in the Arctic involving both boats and walking. I’m thinking a couple of months kayaking around and backpacking across islands and dodging polar bears and hugging musk oxen.
–Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
–Kayak from Seattle to Skagway Alaska

Shorter trips:
–Explore the Brooks peninsula (no trails, but it looks beautiful and totally untouched)
–Traverse Strathcona park
–Do a major (two week) ski traverse in the Coast Range of BC.
–Canoe down the Stikine River (or the Spatsizi or both).
–Canoe down the Yukon from Whitehorse to Dawson

Even shorter trips:
–Canoe the Nitinat lake route
–Hike the west coast trail
–Hike the Olympic Coastline (best yet would be to link the west coast trail, Juan de Fuca, and then the Olympics).
–Do a long traverse of the Olympic Mountains on or off trail (so many beautiful ridgelines in there)
–Hike/climb the Ptarmigan traverse in the North Cascades of Washington
–Fly into Nootka Island (or hesquiaht peninsula) and surf there for a week in October.
–Surf trip to Yakutat Alaska (more bear dodging)

regressive versus progressive

A little something from This is another big election year in the US. Luckily, Romney isn’t the worst of the worst when it comes to regressive politics according to his record. But, he also seems to bend to the winds of his party which is becoming more and more conservative.


What takes place
In the time that passes
Between not hearing and
Then hearing thunder?
Where was your mind
When those deep
Forerunners began to
Crash through, more
Surge than sound?
If you could stop
Letting yourself
Run so far ahead, then
Maybe these livewire
Nights would fade
Maybe instead sleep
Would come in
First like virga
Ten thousand feet
Above saguaro
Sheets of rain suspended
Over the desert
All those thirsty
Buds patiently waiting
With so much more
At stake than you have.
Then to finally open
Rain connecting at last
Touching the ground
As the peals roll through.


first fall
waters so clear
the bottom startling
air cold. All the
heat of summer now compressed in
clenching chill.
A relaxing cold for once.
Can finally wear a down coat and revel in bright orange in red at the
same time.

blue skies
orange skies
the sun sinking
behind the Walbran
rays passing
through green water
breaking in front of me
and surprisingly
nobody else.

I’m trying to evoke
this in
my office cooled into
the 60s for clarity
workmates can’t stay long
maybe that’s it
your own down coat
cold wind in your hair
and just enough distance