the word for the day is…

Tessellation. Often thought of in terms of interlocking geometrical shapes such as the famous M.C. Escher work of birds morphing into fish:

All M.C. Escher works (c) 2012 The M.C. Escher Company – the Netherlands. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

In fact any relationship can be thought of as a multidimensional tessellation in physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual space. Except, maybe the idea of sharp boundaries between things is wrong?

Here’s one possible tessellation of British Columbia from my work:

Here, the boundary between cells is clearly demarked by a black line. That is your space and this is my space. But in life I don’t think we get that same sharp division. This is my air and that is yours? If so, only when taken as a snapshot in time. The next instant a complete reordering happens, new shapes form, and relationships are redefined.