Broken on your shores

When the world delivered me to
your shores,
drunk in your bed,
leaning into your shins on the kitchen floor
laughing and then crying uncontrollably
raving about cancer
seaweed in my teeth and
barely able to stand
You wanted neptune
to stride muscularly from
the waves
erect trident to penetrate your heart.
Skewer your insecurities
into nothingness like
A bubble simply


Instead you got a soaking
fool coughing up brine
washed up the beach
ready to recede
like a spent wave on the sand
dissolving foam
scurrying crabs
and tumbled stones
filaments of kelp
too limp to resist the raging
currents of the boiling sea
the blood and phosphorescence
and whitecaps and spawning smelt
of my internal ocean.

For M.H.