The wisdom of no escape

The wisdom of no escape is a book by Pema Chodron discussing the struggle of staying put, not fleeing, while also not trying to grasp onto the world as it swirls around you. Some times this notion arises in me more poignantly than other times. It helps me to hold course. Here’s a poem to this effect:

Don’t struggle Mitzi.
Don’t struggle.
Let these warm arms envelop you
And hold you close. True
Love cannot hurt you.

Don’t struggle.
The colour will drain
From the maple’s leaves in autumn
From the edge to the base
Of each leaf
As it always has

Don’t struggle.
The ocean will never hold on too tight
It means no harm
It’s just a child that doesn’t know its power
When laminarity fails it
Just like any one of us.

Don’t struggle
Mitzi, it’s okay.
We love you and
everything will be alright. You’ll
Always find a warm mantle
And field mice
And those arms to encircle you
When the November rains come
And there’s no licking your fur dry.

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