JDF Development Update

Hooray! It seems that the Capitol Region District committee members voted against the rezoning of land to create the resort. They even mentioned not wanting the issue to turn into another Clayuquot Sound indicating that the fierceness of that protest and the protest against the development were a factor in the decision. At the hearing I attended there was even mention of turning this into an act of civil disobedience if needed.

Ender Ilkay is currently deciding what he’ll do with the land. Under current zoning, he’s only allowed to build up to seven total houses on it, or use it for natural resource extraction of some kind. He threatened to log, but word on the street is that timber harvesting wouldn’t be profitable for him and I can’t see him spending the money to do it out of spite. Meanwhile, there is a motion to buy the lands from him and attach them to the existing park thereby turning the narrow strip of protected land into something that it more useful for wildlife. Time to start fund raising.