elasticity of time (highly abstract post)

What if the time became even more elastic?
The long and slow stretches began to last seconds instead
of hours or days?
In conversation, the pauses between words
began to stretch and contract
making cipher indecipherable?

I’m just wondering. Sometimes people feel out
of sorts.
Sometimes time does strange, nonlinear things.

In a (slightly strange) post card, a friend recently
asked me about the sequence of events that may occur at death.
Robinson Jeffers writes eloquently and poetically about the transformation
of brain chemistry that probably occurs. My idea was that
time stretches out asymptotically such that your brain perceives death
as an approaching, but unreachable end. Maybe heaven is that last
millisecond before your heart stops? Maybe it’s all in your head which
is exactly where everything else in the world is to begin with.