Help Protect the Juan de Fuca Trail

The Juan de Fuca trail is threatened by the rampant development that turned Vancouver into an overpriced condo forest, is turning Tofino into an overdeveloped mess, and is working to make Victoria sprawl over precious farmland while making its historic downtown a generic glass-house bore.

A stretch of the Juan de Fuca trail running through mature forest.

Thanks to an inside deal between the province of British Columbia, Western Forest Products, and developers the strip of coast between China Beach and Sombrio is threatened by a time-share resort/development that will put about 260 homes within shouting distance of the shoreline. This is a horrible idea for everyone who enjoys the area not to mention the wildlife that depend on this corridor to access the ocean and move without interference.

This housing project should be a non starter because:

  • This coastline is unique in terms of wildlife habitat, coastal geology, and its proximity to an urban center.
  • This land offers easily accessed wilderness to people and animals alike.
  • The housing will benefit very few at the cost of very many.
  • The road cannot sustain additional traffic. The Sooke/Langford corridor is already congested.
  • Do you assholes really need more money?

There is a community hearing September 6th. Please attend and make your voice heard.

Here are some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago of what needs protecting:

Looking up through alders at Little Kuitshe Creek.

The view west from Chin beach.

Red hucklberries waiting for the next black bear to come along.


I’ve been observing my life and how it’s been changing the past few years. Specifically, it occurred to me that the pace of my life keeps accelerating and that acceleration detracts from a lot of things that I value in it. I know this because last summer I was forced to slow down and that slowing allowed for this incredible blossom in friendships and fulfillment and energy that all of the striving that came before and has come since couldn’t begin to touch. We are taught to race. When I have time off I feel like I have to be doing something. Anything! As long as I’m not sitting still. But I know that the most important thing is building community. Slowing down enough to let friendships grow, to take time with people, to eek my way through the awkward silences. To extrapolate, I think this is a major reason that so many people are either unhappy with their lives or worn out by them. Maybe not. I guess the only truths are those that you know and hold for yourself.

Here’s a haiku in this vein. I recently made a mistake, or lots of mistakes, that arose because I couldn’t be patient and let things evolve at their own pace. These mistakes sting. But maybe I’ll learn from them.

stillness and patience
to let the petals unfold
bright dew in poppy