So Close So Far

As of this morning I’ve left Vancouver for a new home (for the next 3 years if not more) on Vancouver Island. the distance between these two cities is small, a few tens of miles, but the difference is pretty huge. The island is immediately everywhere bound by the sea while vancouver is a foothold on the continent. The island is rough, but not vastly mountainous. Victoria is about 1/10 the population of Vancouver, has none of the bustle, and much less of the diversity. Victoria is a 1 hour drive from good surf when the swell is aligned just so (as it will be this weekend), Vancouver is 5 hours plus. Things on the island are just a little slower.

All of this adds up to a place I’ve wanted to live in for a long time and am excited to be getting the chance to right now. There are drawbacks of course. I’ve got a girl in Vancouver who can’t move here just yet. I’ve got friends there too and, sometimes, that bustle is really nice. It can be like the sound of the ocean when you are stressed — something to get lost in. But, the pluses outweigh the negatives. I long to explore the island. I want to see the remote corners where the only way in takes a boat or a seaplane or a lot of dedication on foot. I want to climb up the small, but rough mountains and see ice on the island. There’s a lot to do. moving is a good reminder of that. Moving is a good reminder that you should keep moving. Maybe not keep moving houses all the time, but never sit still and never to take for granted what you have. Move through life and love every minute of it that you can.