Breaking Somnolence

After 3 months of rain a lightness.
White snow in the yard
The varied thrush’s song
new to the year.
There’s a small pinch in my chest
A healing together, a suture
Made of hard-won thread
A tentative, flexible closing
Made of soft membrane
A permissible fabric woven
To transmit light
And coddle delicate things.
Wounds are rent and healed
Daily and these small placentas
Grow from them. Opportunities
Add together inside everyone
Until some kind of spring comes
Breaking somnolence.

Trip to the Gateway

Went out to Tofino last weekend with my girlfriend, Jen. She was kind enough to take a few photos and shoot some video of me surfing. The waves were small and I was kooklike as always. But it was great to be out there. Sunday was small, with light offshore winds. Perfect for loggin’ had a blast. Somehow this picture makes it look like I know how to surf. Ha! Seemed like I was having as much fun as anyone else out there on Sunday. Maybe not.

Tofino really feels like the end of everything and also the beginning of a lot of potential adventure. From there the surf/kayak options become endless and there are well documented waves everywhere on that coast thanks to the Bruhwiler/DeVries folks. I’ve been on one trip and am ready for more. Anyone interested in a month of self propelled travel and surfing in bear country? Drop me a line.