Drifting South

I Drifted south last weekend.  Dodging a too-big-for-me NW swell in favor of south facing beaches and whatever energy could wrap in there.  Luckily, there was plenty of energy in the water, so waves weren’t a problem.

I stayed a night up the Sixes River in an $8 BLM campground that was cheaper because I didn’t pay for it.  My policy is if I don’t cook or crap I don’t pay if I can help it.  I love our parks, but don’t feel like you should have to pay to sleep.

I drove south from there checking likely spots in Port Orford, but not tempted.  As I drove some waves were tempting and ghostly in the variable mist.

By the time I arrived here:

I Was desperate to get in the water despite the wrong tide, wring wind, wrong whatever.  The water looked inviting and fun.  Surfed for an hour and then grabbed my fins and skim board and body boarded for a while.  A beer on the hot sand after sealed the deal.

Drove from there to Crescent City where the waves were doing what I hoped they would be.  Logular lefts and rights getting a little punchier as the tide dropped.  Waist to head high faces and just tons of fun.

From there drove up the Smith River to sleep then back to check in the morning.  The swell had jumped and a few gems were working and the beach was huge and closing out, but still hosted the odd corner.  Surfed for 3 hours then drove north grabbing a few waves in Port Orford before calling it a trip.

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