Late Adopter

Well, as many have done, I’m posting my first blog entry.  This will mostly be pictures with short bits of writing.  It will probably have a lot to do with surfing, baking naturally leavened breads, and time in the mountains or on bodies of water.  The title, Rank: Novice, was going to be the title of the often dreamed of, but never compiled book of poetry.  Maybe it will get posted here?  But my rank as novice refers to my humble state in this world, that so often one is reminded that the world is full of surprises and any of us are lucky to learn only a small fraction of its workings not to mention those of the people that inhabit it. The posts that make it on here will have to do with the small steps that I make toward advancing rank although novice is about as far as I imagine I’ll get.  But, the learning is fulfilling. So, onward.